h u e r u ? by kevin clark

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instagram: @huerubykevinclark

collage, comes from the french "coller"- to glue. it can be defined as an assemblage of different parts/mediums to equal a whole; layers of mediums which create a whole. the media i use comes from found objects; i deconstruct what someone may already deem as art or 2d component and repurpose it as my main medium.

i feel one of the most general definitions one can have for art is the idea that it is raw emotion expressed. thus, collage is my means of trapping an emotion that may not be expressed verbally. this idea for me also transcends into the realm of interiors. the goal is to look at the experience of the space and transform it into a 3 dimensional collage with layers of color, pattern, and accessories. the main goal is to reflect that the spaces we inhabit should be encased in those pieces which resonate on a personal level. it is not always about pretty or function - it is about the viewer and the emotional experience sought upon sight of the finished product.

all of the collages and interior design featured were executed by me! all collages are also available for purchase. enjoy and find your personal "hue" :)